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G Trading offers intelligent solutions in foreign trade with a focus on meeting the needs of your company. Our objective is to provide clients with the best options of high quality products for export, with efficiency and reduced costs.

Our services are adapted to the current export norms, aiming at objectivity and total security of the clients in the commercialization of noble products.

Teak Wood

Teak wood is noble, resistant and very versatile. It adapts to different types of applications, has a soft scent and unparalleled coloring. Luxury and innovative items are made from teak wood in order to follow the trends of an upscale market.

Teak wood presents a series of advantages when compared to others types of wood in the market, such as: resistance to humidity, light and heat, resistance to pest attacks, greater durability and, at the same time, lightness, versatility in applications, among others. All this makes it very attractive and very sought after in the market of noble woods.

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